Sunday, February 23, 2014

Liquor Fueled Slash Fic Contest!

If you listen to Liquor Fueled, you know of the epic, life long bromance between Rem and Phytt. Well, that's developed into quite an adventure. Thanks to Huellhowser's suggestions, we now have the first ever Liquor Fueled contest!

It is quite simple, but will be a lot of fun! Write a Slash Fic about the hosts. Rem, Phytt, Huell, and whoever else you think needs to be in it are all fair game, but not everyone is required. Use your best judgement for a unique story! Send it in to us, and we will read them on the show. Some might be read by Huell and myself, and others will be role played by Rem and Phytt!

The rules are simple:
  1. Write a Slash Fic about the Liquor Fueled hosts. There is no length requirement. There is no content requirement (aside from the Slash Fic part). 
  2. Submit your story no later than Wednesday March 13th. You can email your story to Huell at or to me at
  3. Join us for the live show to hear your story on the air! (this isn't a requirement as much as it is a suggestion)
Need more motivation? There's prizes! The best story (as judged by the Liquor Fueled Crew) will win a WoW time card, and the runner up story will win the pet of their choice from the WoW store!

Questions? Concerns? You can address them in the comments here, on the Liquor Fueled Twitter page, on the Storm Ride Cast Twitter page, or shoot us an email!


  1. Budding bromance? He and I have been dancing this dance for 20 years.

    1. Fair enough. Then what would you prefer it say?

    2. "Epic, life-long bromance"


      "Undying devotion"


      "The love between two star-crossed lovers which, as it has been prophesied, will bring peace to the world and unending happiness to all upon it when they are finally permitted to be together as one"


      "The stallion that mounts the world"

      ... Any of those would be more accurate.

    3. There, I fixed it. You happy now?