Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NYCC Day Two (Sunday)

Day two of New York Comic Con began bright and early at 6:30am. After getting ready and packing up, I was checked out of a hotel at 7:20 and on the bus back to NYCC at 8:00am. I met with a group of people at the bus station and they became great company on the bus and knew a lot about NYCC and about other comic conventions. When I got to the show on Sunday, I immediately went and got in line for the “Magic of Storytelling” panel with Lemony Snicket, David Lubar, Matthew Cody, Shannon Hale, George O’Conner, Scott Campbell, and MD Payne. I was the last person they let in, with standing room only and got incredibly lucky to get in when I did. I stayed for about 45 mintues, then went and got in line for their autographing session. I must say though, their panel was hilarious and they brought up a number of good points about Children’s Literature. My favorite aspect of their panel (aside from the jokes they made teasing each other) was their discussion on how writing about just about anything will always apply to somebody. I could go more into detail about this, and may do so in the future, so I won’t here. Their autographing line was already fairly long when I got there. After the panel ended, the line grew immensely. I felt very bad for the other authors at the signing because most people were just skipping over them to meet with Lemony Snicket. I spent time talking with the other authors and greatly enjoyed the conversations. I got all of their autographs. When I finally got to meeting Lemony Snicket, I was very excited. While another author was signing my book, he was being very goofy, and sticking his tongue near the other author’s ear. This author then said that he heard Snicket’s ear, which led to a conversation about Lemony Snicket having a highly audible tongue. It was hilarious. Then I spent some time talking with Snicket and when I thought my time with him was through, I had my picture taken with him. I moved on to Shannon Hale who was sitting at the very end of the table. During the panel, Snicket called her an empty vessel. I told her she wasn’t and somehow Snicket got involved in this conversation and asked then what she was full of. This is the conversation that followed:
Me: She’s full of beautiful! *pause* unlike you!
*Snicket and Hale both have incredibly shocked faces.* Then…
Snicket: *pulls mini notebook out of jacket pocket* I think I have something in here I can use as a comeback *flips through notebook* “Oh yeah?!”
Me: Yeah!
Yes, I verbally assaulted Lemony Snicket. And I couldn’t be more proud. It was hilarious and they all thought so too. This was a fantastic start to my day.

After this, I went and met with John Morton who played Besbin Boba in Star Wars. When I told him that we share the same last name, he was very excited. He said we could be family and started referring to me as “Cousin Jenn”. He spent a lot of time talking to me about his experiences, and our family backgrounds, then took a few pictures with me as well.
After this, I jumped over into the line to meet Jason David Frank. I stood in his line for about an hour and only moved a few steps. I was seriously considering giving up because I very badly wanted to meet R.L. Stine (and had something for him to sign for my brother). Right when I was about to give up, JDF walked the length of the line apologizing for the delay and saying he would make sure to get to everybody. The line started moving much more quickly after that. When I got closer to him, I was able to get some pictures of Sir Patrick Stewart during his signings, as well as pictures of Hulk Hogan. When I finally got to the table, I gave them my notebook, and JDF signed it, while I waited for him to be done so I could take a picture. After he signed it, he said “Hey Jenn, wanna come around the table for the picture?” So I got to stand beside him, and he addressed me by name which was pretty cool. This is also exciting for others because I’ve noticed he takes the time to be personal with his fans. It was very exciting to be able to meet people who care so much for their fans and aren’t just doing these events for the money.
Finally, I could go get in line for R.L. Stine. And then, they tell me they had to cut off the line. I was devastated, but understood as it was necessary. However, I did take the opportunity to run up near his table, through a nearly empty autographing line nearby, so I could take some pictures of him. My brother was disappointed, but he was understanding as well.
After all of this was over, I finally made my way to artist alley. I spent a great deal of time walking through and looking at different works of art. I bought three pieces that I got deals on thanks to being respectful with one of them, and bargaining for two others. Additionally, I was able to meet the tattoo artist that did an awesome tattoo of William Shatner for my aunt several months ago. I definitely wish I could have spent more time in artist alley, and wish I had more money to spend there as well. There are some very talented people, and they were very inspiring. After this, I spent some time rushing through the show floor trying to see more of it, and see what I had missed on Saturday. I still missed a lot, and some of the things I missed I very much wish I had seen. After I left the Javitz Center, I was able to take some very cool pictures of the sunset behind the center, and the moon. Then I sat in the train station very grumpy, and sick of people from being over stimulated. When I finally got to my destination, I spent 15 mintues waiting in line for a cab, then finally got home, just in time for a new episode of Tauren Think Tank.

After another long day, I finally made it to bed after 11:00pm. I took an unplanned day off Monday (most of you had off for Columbus Day but I was supposed to still have classes, which I skipped) and spent the day resting and trying to recover. Overall, New York Comic Con was an absolute blast and I cannot wait for next year!!!

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