Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week Three

Now that I'm starting to figure out how to structure this, things should go a bit more smoothly. This past week has been an interesting one in WoW. On September 30th, I reached level 27. I attempted to do a quest entitled "Attack Cragshaw" - this quest is recommended for two people. I decided to give it a shot with one of my pets. I cannot even begin to describe how quickly I was killed. There are no words to describe the speed of that death... but hey, I tried!
On Tuesday this past week, I leveled to 28, and set up a schedule to start playing with a leveling partner, and that will hopefully start in the upcoming week. One interesting observation I made this week was that when stone talon rams die, they sound like they're farting. I also learned something valuable: when you're traveling, it is not a good idea to just watch the mini map. otherwise, you may ride your mount face first into a tree.
On the second and fourth this week, I did not play at all. However, on the third, the moment I logged in, I had several people saying hi to me and asking me how I was doing. This was great for me because I have been trying to talk to people in game, and out of game, and try to be more open. I also managed to hit level 29.
I hit level 30 on October 5, and feel I am keeping at a good pace to continue leveling.
Unfortunately I have been having a number of problems this week. The first is that I still cannot figure out how to use new abilities. I often just feel stuck, or like it is taking me far longer than necessary to complete quests. Additionally, I still have not done any pet battles, even though I do want to. Finally, I've noticed that when I have a group of quests to complete, sometimes they will take me in opposite directions. I don't like going back and forth, and haven't yet figured out how to keep from doing that, aside from just not doing some of the quests. The only reason I decide to not do the quests is because I like having a variety of quests to do so I can explore and learn more. Finally,  I found this week that I did not play nearly as much as I wanted to because of having exams to study for. Certainly not a pleasant thing to encounter, but school comes first. I know in the next two weeks, I will not have much play time because I am going to be incredibly busy with exams and papers and New York Comic Con which is next weekend, and will be discussed here, I'm sure.

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