Monday, January 27, 2014

Rem and His Awesome

Recently I asked on Twitter for people to give me suggestions for blog posts, so I could get back to blogging easily after a family emergency that uprooted everything for a week. A suggestion I got from Remghar was to write about him and his awesome. Rem is a badass dude. He's a crazy NERD in some pretty cool ways. And this is what makes him awesome:

-He's honest: it's great when people speak their minds. It's even better when they do it tactfully. Rem's got that covered. Wanna know what he's thinking? He'll tell ya. If you don't like it, well, he might apologize for offending you, but he doesn't apologize for the way he feels (at least not that I've ever seen).

-He's funny: seriously, he's freaking hilarious. Especially when he's drunk. And the more alcohol he's had, the more funny he is. But even when he's not drunk, he's funny. He's got a great sense of humor.

-He's creative: seriously, just look at what he's done. If you don't know what he's done, why are you reading this? But really, he comes up with awesome stuff and has so much cool stuff going on.

-He's nice: He really is. Sometimes he tries to be a jerk, but he really is nice. He even laughs at my stupid jokes sometimes.

-He's a mailman with a bear hat. I really don't think I need to explain why this is awesome.

-He'll try anything. Seriously, it's funny sometimes to watch/hear him try new foods and drinks. A lot of the time, it sounds like he's going to die, but it's funny and he knows it, so it's good. What he does for his fans is pretty awesome.

-He's a popcorn addict: popcorn is probably one of the best snacks ever. Sometimes, it even works as a great meal. Hey, I wonder if Rem likes chocolate drizzled popcorn? Either way, his addiction is pretty awesome. Most people are addicted to harmful things. The only way a popcorn addiction seems to be harmful is lots of kernels stuck in the teeth... and passing it on to his kids which he's already doing. Though, maybe that just means he's raising them right. We should create PAA (popcorn addicts anonymous).

-The circle.

-He likes Disney movies. I actually don't know this for sure. It's an assumption based on his obsession with Frozen (which I still haven't seen). But either way, it's a good thing.

Well, that's enough of that. I can't talk about Rem this much without trashing him, so here's what sucks about him:

-He's forgetful: holy shit he is so forgetful. He makes promises that he doesn't keep. Sometimes he uses alcohol as an excuse. But sometimes he makes promises when he's sober. Still doesn't keep 'em. Jerk.

-He said it would be a win/win if he died and I replaced him on Liquor Fueled. I don't know if this was a lapse in judgement or something else, but this is not a win/win! Jerk.

-He encourages people to do bad things: it's because of him that I'm going to be trying fruitcake soon. It's because of him that I drink more than I used to. It's because of him that I got myself wrapped up in a wing eating contest for ConnectiCon. Actually, I'm not sure if this applies to the bad section or the good section. So... awesome jerk.

-He blames others for things: quite specifically, I'm thinking of the fact that he often blames his daughter when he talks about how much he listens to certain types of music, and how he only listens when she's around. I don't buy that for a second. Using your kids to make you look better... jerk.

-He's a jerk.

So to sum up, Rem = awesome jerk

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  1. Rem also has a habit of failing at wing challenges. Just like he does with music, he blames the failure on others. Assuming I can make it to ConnectiCon, I'm planning to join Jenn in challenging Rem and whomever he can convince to be on his team.